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    An interview with Aaminah Sheikh
    Aamina Sheikh 
    Aamina Sheikh is one of the most well known and loved faces of the Pakistani fashion and entertainment Industry today. In just 5 years she has made her mark in both the Fashion and Media Industry with an array of high profile fashion shoots, TV serials and local films under her belt. Aaminah Sheikh is best known for portraying the main leads in television serials Maat, Uraan, Ishq Gumshuda, Hum Tum, and Daam. Aaminah was born in New York City and raised in Karachi and Riyadh. Aamina made her on-screen debut in Sharjil Baloch and Khalid Ahmed's telefilm, Gurmuch Singh ki Waseeyat. Aaminah Sheikh is married to fellow actor Mohib Mirza. She is unquestionably the new face of Pakistan, with a million-dollar smile, a down to earth personality, untainted professionalism and a talent to vouch for and be represented internationally. Her presence has felt and captured many hearts and minds.

    Who introduced you into showbiz?
    No one. I went distributing my portfolio to whoever I wanted to work with.

    What are your most memorable fashion shoots or drama serials to-date?
    So many! I have memories from every fashion shoot and every serial of mine. Each one has its own significance and recall value!

    Is modeling your passion or just a time pass? Or a way of making money?
    Definitely a passion and a profession!

    Aamina SheikhWhat are you currently working on?
    Campaigns, serials and aiming for films!

    Your favourite international labels?

    Your favourite designer?
    John Galliano

    Your favourite photographer?
    Nick Knight

    What do you usually wear in daily life?
    It varies; from harem pants/t-shirts, to ‘80s tops, to jodhpurs to chooridaars, to slim fits, tapering jeans, to flappers. Every day is an unexpected different look.

    What is the one cosmetic you cannot do without?
    LOreal Paris Volume Shocking Mascara

    When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?
    Not all the time. However, for the most part I step out for my work and my work requires makeup, so makeup has become a close companion in recent years!

    Your idea of romance?
    When a very very old couple can't do without each other, yet tease each other like crazy and laugh insanely together without a worry in the world!

    One thing you like best about yourself?

    Which designer's clothes you would always love to wear?Aaminah Sheikh
    Bunto Kazmi.

    You like guys who are.....

    Your favorite stars?
    Will Smith and Abhishek Bachan....(!!!)

    Your most irritating habit?
    Misplacing my phone and glasses.

    You don't like people who are...

    You always feel happy in the company of...
    My childhood friends.

    You are afraid of...
    Air crashes.

    Your most valuable possession...
    My sanity!

    Your all time favorite movie?
    Notes on a Scandal

    Are you shopaholic?
    Nope. I'd rather have someone else go and get me stuff that I need.

    What bores you the most?
    Winding and pointless talk.

    When feeling low you prefer:
    To be alone, have dessert, watch a movie and take a good nap!

    You are crazy about....
    Acting in films!

    Among your friends you are known as...
    Maas, maasa, missy, mana!

    Are you a social person or a loner?
    I'm a good balance of both, if I say so myself.

    How do you like to spend your Sundays
    Unwinding at home with family and no worry or deadlines in the world

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