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    Jana Malik is very talented and versatile actress based in Lahore.She came into showbiz by chance although acting runs in her blood. She is the daughter of Raheel Bari, producer, and actress Sasha. Her maternal grandmother Laila was popular film actress of her time. Jana made her debut in PTV serial Reigzar at the age of 13. Her natural bent towards acting is well reflected in the ease in which she plays variety of roles.  

    Name:  Jana Malik
    Birthday: April 29
    Birthplace: Lahore
    How and When did you start your career?
            I was 13 years old at the time was at a family friend's drama recording and
            the great director Ayub Khawer was there, jokingly he asked me to say a few
            lines in front of the camera. He liked it and the rest as they say is history!!
    Debut: PTV Drama Serial "Raigzar"
    Your best work so far: Hmm... the best is yet to come!!
    One director that you would like to work with in the future?
            James Cameron!! I wish !!

    How have the serials changed since you started working?
           Yes definitely they have changed! The pace is faster, more competition, more 
           channels, and better now overall. 
    Favorite Co-star: I love working with seniors, there is always so much to learn
            from them. Not just about showbiz but about life and the important things in life!
    Favorite Actor: Clark Gable. I don't care about his acting but he was so handsome!!
    Favorite Actress: Uzma Gillani is on top of a very long list!
    Favorite Movie: I love comedy, action, thrillers... lots of favorite movies.
    Favorite TV Show: Right now it's American Idol.

    Favorite Singer: Too many to name!

    Favorite Food: Everything my mom makes! Japanese food.

    Favorite Holiday Location: My bedroom!

    Your Hobbies: Books, movies, more books, hanging out with my friends, and more books!

    How do you spend your time off? Sleep!!! Love shopping!

    What makes you happiest: When the people I love are happy that makes me happy!

    What you hate most: Lies and incompetence

    Your thoughts on Love: Hmmm..

    Your strength: My Mother and my friends

    Your weakness: Same as above!

    One thing most people don't know about you? I'm a good cook! Honest!!

    If you were not an actor, what would you be? Chef! Definitely!

    Current Projects: "Muqqadar" serial by Zeba Bakhtiyar, "Dobara" serial directed by Amin Iqbal," Phir Kab Milo Gay" Serial directed by Tehseen,"Jinhein Raastay main Khabber Hui" Ptv serial and a new sitcom by KCGL productions, directed by Nadia Afgan (The name's a secret so far!!)


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